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Town Officials


All offices can be obtained by challenging the office holder to a duel or challenge and beating them in front of three or more witnesses.

  • Mayor is Scornstar (creates laws and decides zoning
  • Sheriff is Tinkerbell
  • Deputy are Kenzonestar, MilitantJoker, Almerel, Jim and Lazurius (has the final say on any legal dispute between citizens)
  • Building planner is River (will develop town building ordinances and guide lines)
  • Structural defense planner is “Open position” (please apply and be active(5 hours play per week))
  • Outpost management is Lazerblade
  • Rescue and assimilation agents is “Open positions” (apply for position, please be active (5 hours a week) Need someone who will travel night or day at the drop of a hat. To recover new player bring them to town and settle them in)
  • Law enforcers are occopied by all citizens (keep all fines collected as pay for enforcing the law. No one is above the law. If the mayor brakes the law, the mayor must pay also. All law enforcers are permitted to use deadly force on any who resist consequences)

Those without designate jobs will be accepted first.