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Server Rules


Read these rules through carefully ..

English is the primary language on Bartertown, but we have community members speaking many different  languages and from many different parts of the world

  • Please be able to communicate in English, moderately, or be online with a translator.

Voice chat on the Bartertown teamspeak is considered normal real-life communication while in game chat is considered roleplaying(RP).

  • PvP is allowed within roleplaying(RP) reasoning.

Town laws, enforcements and consequences

Laws are created by the Mayor

The Mayor can only be replaced if beaten in a duel or challenge. All duels or challenges must be fought in front of minimum 3 witnesses. All citizens are law enforcers. All fines are paid in ammunition, z-coins or food/water.

Laws only apply within sight of Bartertown

No weapons carried in the open within town wall unless zombies are present or in self defense

  1. offense is fined 10 ammunation / food / water to the citizin who caught the offender
  2. offense is fined 50 ammunation / food to the one enforcing the law
  3. offense is 1 night jail

No trade blocking

  1. offense recives a warning
  2. offense is fined with 25 ammunation / food
  3. offense recieves 1 night in community jail

Rally on nearest town defense structures during horde attacks - even if you are only there to make combat repairs:

  1. offense recives a warning and will carryout all repairs to town with your own materials
  2. offense is fined 100 ammunation / food and made to make repairs to town hall
  3. offense recives a banishment for 14 days. You will be shot if you enter the community town.

No stealing

  1. offense and you will shot and beaten till you surrender the goods stolen
  2. offense player will be killed and all goods confiscated by enforcer
  3. offense the player will be banished from town till the victim decides you may return

No braking and entering

  1. offense = give materials needed to replace broken defenses
  2. offense = killed and goods confiscated by the enforcer
  3. offense = citizenship revoked till peace is made with the victim

If you harvest community town plants you must replant them

  1. offense recives a warning
  2. offense recives a warning and you must replant more than you took
  3. offense is fined 25 ammunation / food fine to the enforcer

No digging outside designated areas. For example: no digging in town, outside tunnel system, private property or the public mine:

  1. offense player will have to refill all holes in ground
  2. offense player will have to refill all holes in ground and be fined with 50 ammunation / food
  3. offense player will be penaltied with death and all goods are confiscated by the enforcer

If a citizen lives within the walls they must maintain the section of wall closest to their house

  • each offense = 20 ammunation / food for each day it goes unrepaired

No power tool usage after dark 18:00 to 06:00

  1. offense is a warning
  2. offense is a complete confiscation of materials harvested
  3. offense and the power tool will be confiscated

All shops are to be constructed in the town market district:

  • All illegal shops will be destroyed once located
  • If trade is conducted in a home among non cohabitants then the home is considered a illegal shop

Player packs:

  • Player packs dropped in town are to be left alone
  • Player packs found outside the walls are first come first serve

To claim land

  • you must wall it in
  • All claim blocks must be in side structures
  • Claim blocks found in mines or tunnels are free to grab


Bedrock level is considered public tunneling level. If your home runs that deep please wall in your rooms. Stone and other natural materials which are unrefined by players are not considered valid walls, thus not protected by town ordinance.

Each player is restricted to 1 torches, 10 candles, 1 campfire and 1 forge for server performance reasons:

  1. offense and player will be asked to remove the surplus items
  2. offense and town representatives will enter your home and smash all doors and extra torches, forges and campfires
  3. offense and the player will suffer the consequences of the second offense and be fined 100 resources

No tree farming within sight of town and No tree farming within sight of town unless you have bought the correct plot for this.

  1. offense and the trees will be confiscated
  2. offense and the trees will be harvested and the player will be fined 50 resources
  3. offense and the trees will be harvested, fined 50 resources and players home will be boarded up

(unofficial laws) = Not strictly enforced and will become official or be dissolved by town meeting.

Outpost which scavengers establish must have a totem pole visible on the side of the structure closest to Bartertown and a matching one on their property in town visible to all.